Robert Nisbet

Advisory Board Member

Robert Nisbet is the Head of Corporate at The Fourth Angel, a London-based PR agency, and the former Director, Nations & Regions for the Rail Delivery Group.  Previously he was Senior Political Correspondent for the UK-based TV network Sky News, where he also spent a decade reporting from Washington DC and Brussels. Among the stories Robert covered for the award winning network include the election and inauguration of Barack Obama and the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. He began his journalist career as a radio and TV correspondent for the BBC in both Los Angeles and London, becoming a regular face on the Six O’Clock News and Newsnight as well as presenting The Morning Show on BBC1. 

8th September 2021

A State of preparedness: how government can build resilience to civil emergencies

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most serious civil emergency this country has faced in peacetime; unprecedented in its scale, complexity, and duration. Despite the fact that extensive central government machinery exists to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to civil emergencies, the pandemic has exposed critical shortcomings in preparedness and resilience.