Charlotte Pickles


I have the honour of leading the outstanding Reform team. I took up the role of Director in April 2019, but previously spent three years as Reform’s Deputy Director. During my hiatus from Reform I was first Capitalism Editor and columnist, and then Managing Editor, of the media start up

I’ve worked in a variety of roles across the public, private and third sectors looking at how to reform public services in order to deliver better outcomes and better value for money. I started my public policy career at the Centre for Social Justice before heading into government as Expert Advisor to then Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith. After leaving government I spent time advising a major police force, and then working as a management consultant in the public sector practice of a global consultancy firm.

I am privileged to be a member of the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) and the NHS Assembly.


8th September 2021

A State of preparedness: how government can build resilience to civil emergencies

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most serious civil emergency this country has faced in peacetime; unprecedented in its scale, complexity, and duration. Despite the fact that extensive central government machinery exists to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to civil emergencies, the pandemic has exposed critical shortcomings in preparedness and resilience.