Andrew Haldenby


I have been lucky enough to be Director of Reform since May 2005, having co-founded the organisation with Nick Herbert in 2001. I support our talented, committed and extremely hard-working staff. I work with our valued financial supporters and committed Trustees and Advisory Board. Reform has become an established voice in Westminster and Whitehall, respected for our knowledge, professionalism and non-party independence, and I take a lot of pride in that.

I’ve had a policy and campaigning career. Before starting Reform, I worked at the “no” campaign (Communications Director), at the Centre for Policy Studies (working on taxation, welfare and public services), in the Conservative Research Department (education, social security and political research) and for the CBI (education and skills). My degrees are in history and economics.

At university I became interested in politics. What has motivated me since is the sense that the welfare state doesn’t always deliver for the people that need it. When Reform began in 2001, we worked a lot on widening choice in public services (as well as competition in supply). Straight after the financial crisis, we led the debate on "more for less" i.e. changes that would not only improve public services but also deliver a sustainable level of public spending. The 2017 Parliament will debate how to increase public spending without losing any focus on improved outcomes or value for money. It is an exciting prospect. 

Little known fact: I played top board for the Bucks under-10 chess team once (I lost). A little later, I played warm-up DJ sets at the Egg night club and am still available for private bookings.

Most likely to say… “Central planning is futile” (actually a quote from a Reform roundtable on the NHS workforce).

What makes you get out of bed in the morning? My children, in all senses.


Twitter: @andrewhaldenby