The Week

The Week, 23 November 2018

Reformer of the week

David Lidington MP, who announced that the Government will improve its collection of data on the performance and value for money of public services delivered by private companies.  If it can do it for outsourced services, it can do it for all public services, as Michael Barber as recommended.

Reactionary of the week

The Government, which was too hasty in selling part of the student loan book and received a very low price as a result, according to the Public Accounts Committee.  While the Government is right to seek income that can reduce the national debt, that does not mean “being prepared to sell at any price”.

Quote of the week

“The longer a patient stays in hospital the more it costs the NHS and the more pressure is put on its hardworking staff. This needs to change."

Theresa May, speaking on Monday


School value for money 

In its review of the Department of Education, the National Audit Office said that schools need to make efficiency savings given cost pressures including pay rises and higher employer contributions to national insurance and the teachers’ pension scheme.

Bad week for


The Prime Minister announced that the long term plan for the NHS will prioritise new services in primary and community care in order to reduce unnecessary days spent by patients in hospitals.

Reform's Week 

On Wednesday, Reform held a policy dinner on “Successful economic policy post-Brexit”, with Jonathan Reynolds, Shadow Treasury Minister, kindly hosted by the City of London.

Josh Pritchard, Researcher at Reform, wrote a blog on the need for greater collaboration between local councils to improve how citizens access social care information.