The Week

The Week, 23 February 2017

On Thursday, the chief executive of Serco, Rupert Soames, proposed reforms for both government and suppliers in order to “restore trust and common sense” in public private partnership and to “encourage a more vibrant and competitive market for Government services.”

Reformer of the week

Rupert Soames, as above.

Reactionary of the week

The UK Government. As the NAO asked this week, since Ministers no longer want every school to be an academy, what now is the vision for the future of English schools?

Good week for…

UK borrowing…

On Tuesday, the UK posted better-than-expected borrowing numbers…

…and good sense on borrowing

On Friday, the OECD warned that some developed countries should take action to ease debt levels. The organisation said: “[It is] important to create strong fiscal roots in an economy while times are good.”

Bad week for…

The rule of law

On Monday, it was reported that an adviser to the Opposition believes that a powerful government need not have to pay any compensation to PFI investors should it end their contracts.

Autonomous cars

On Thursday, an FT review highlighted hurdles in the creation of the detailed 3D maps which would make the introduction of autonomous cars much easier.

Reform’s Week

Reformer Blog

On Friday, Daniel El-Gamry, researcher at Reform published a blog that suggested a more sustainable approach to pensions fit for the gig economy.


On Tuesday, Reform’s report Thinking on its own: AI in the NHS, was translated into Russian by a medical information systems company K-MIS based in Russia.

On Thursday, Eleonora Harwich, Head of Digital and Tech Innovation at Reform, wrote a blog for Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network arguing that for benefits of AI in healthcare to become a reality at scale it will take time and effort.


On Wednesday, Reform hosted a roundtable event led by Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Transport, discussing how technology will transform transport. The event was held in partnership with BAI Communications.

On ThursdayReform hosted a research roundtable that discussed individual-level data sharing across public services.

Upcoming events

On 27 FebruaryReform is hosting a roundtable, led by Melanie Onn MP, Shadow Minister for Housing, discussing the UK housing market and policies to address demand for affordable housing.

On 2 March, Reform will be hosting a panel discussion led by Matthew Gould, Director General for Digital and Media Policy, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on ‘Opportunities for the UK Digital Economy’. This event is being held in kind collaboration with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and in partnership with Accenture.