Public service design and delivery

Innovative cross-cutting ideas underpin public service reform including productivity, devolution, service design and commissioning for better outcomes. . Reform researches these alongside its work on the individual part of the public sector.

The world is changing, and so can public services.


27th September 2018

Smarter Working in public services: the HMRC experience so far

This report assesses how far Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has adopted Smarter Working principles to become more efficient and effective. It looks at how the Department is changing its working culture, transforming its use of space and implementing new technology, to become more flexible, productive and collaborative. This paper is sponsored by BT Group.



Reform statement: ONS deaths of homeless people in England and Wales

Commenting on statistics published by the ONS today, Reform Researcher, Imogen Farhan, said:

“Public services need to work together to tackle the root causes of what makes a person homeless, including substance abuse and mental health problems. Contrary to Theresa May’s statement yesterday, there is more to tackling homelessness than just building more houses.” 

Notes to editors

  1. Responding to a question on homelessness in Parliament yesterday, The Prime Minister said: First, in the way that the hon.  Gentleman raises the wider issue of homelessness. Why is it that we have this wider issue? It is because Governments, year after year, failed to build enough homes in this country. We need to ensure that we are building those homes. That is what this Government are doing. Last year we saw the number of homes being built at the highest level for any but one of the last 31 years. If the hon. Gentleman wants to ensure that there is a variety of housing available to people in this country, it is this Government who have ensured that councils can borrow more to build more.
  2. Please click here for the full text on Hansard.