Public service design and delivery

Innovative cross-cutting ideas underpin public service reform including productivity, devolution, service design and commissioning for better outcomes. . Reform researches these alongside its work on the individual part of the public sector.

The world is changing, and so can public services.



Untargeted spend risks widening attainment gap between rich and poor schools, says think tank

Commenting on education spending pledges in the 2019 spending round, Reform Education lead, Dr Luke Heselwood, said:

“The levelling-up of spend across schools will raise per pupil funding and school spend. But because the money is not targeted, more affluent areas are set to benefit most. This will deepen the already stark attainment gap across the country.

“The salary rise for newly qualified teachers is significant and welcome. However, 20 per cent of current teachers earn less than £30,000, 10 per cent earn just over. Both groups will want a pay rise and the Department for Education needs to think about this. 

“The £400 million promised for further education is a good start, but a longer-term funding commitment is needed to bring parity between technical and academic education.”