Sir Geoff Mulgan CBE


Sir Geoff Mulgan CBE is Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at University College London.

Between 1997 - 2004, he served in a plethora of policy leadership roles in the UK government, including as Head of Policy in the Prime Minister’s office, Director of the No. 10 Strategy Unit, and Director of the Performance and Innovation Unit.

He was then Chief Executive of Nesta between 2011 - 2019. Prior to this, he founded or co-founded many organisations including the think tanks Demos and The Young Foundation. He now advises many governments around the world.

His books include ‘Another World is Possible’, ‘The Art of Public Strategy’, and 'Social Innovation: How societies find the power to change'.

"Whitehall has had a difficult decade. The pandemic showed the strengths and weaknesses of our government, offering us much to learn from countries that handled Covid more effectively. ​Unfortunately, debate about Whitehall reform often polarises between ideological attacks and prickly complacency. What we need are reform strategies that draw on a hunger to learn and adopt new techniques and technologies. That shouldn’t be too much to ask."