Julian McCrae


Julian McCrae has worked in public policy creation for 25 years. He is currently the Director of Engage Britain, a charity based on the belief that when we gather people from all parts of society – and commit to listening to and learning from each other – we can create ideas that deliver real change.

Prior to this, Julian was Deputy Director of the Institute for Government, overseeing much of its work on how to make UK government more effective. He began his career at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, where he worked on personal tax and benefit policy.

He also spent a decade in Whitehall, including as Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, a Policy Adviser at HM Treasury, and as a Special Adviser at the Department of Work and Pensions.

"Whitehall plays a vital role in how we run our country. When it gets things right, millions of lives can be improved. When things go wrong, or when the state becomes involved unnecessarily, millions of lives can be harmed. We need an open debate about what can make Whitehall more effective. ​

Reform’s focus on Whitehall as part of our wider governance landscape is a key starting point. For me, this means developing the relationships and accountabilities that exist in different parts of our state, structuring them to improve people’s lives."