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Reimagining the State

After a decade of disruption we face a moment of national reflection. Our post-war institutions and approaches are no longer fit for purpose. 

The State is overly centralised, overly bureaucratic, and dependent upon structures and systems that were designed to address the challenges of an earlier era. 

A new approach is needed to realise a very different role for the State: enabling, adaptive, outcomes-focused, and capable of long-term planning. A State that handles fundamental needs with extraordinary competence and helps to create the conditions for prosperity in partnership with the communities that it serves.  

Reimagining the State is the analytical lens for Reform’s next chapter: our underpinning philosophy for the future of policy. We will explore this agenda with an open mind rather than a set of dogmatic assumptions – open to all sides of the debate. 

Read our Director's essay setting out the overarching framework for driving prosperity, the opportunity we face and the task ahead.