Professor Paul Corrigan CBE


Paul Corrigan is adjunct Professor of Public Health at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and of health policy at Imperial College London.

Paul began his career as a social scientist, teaching and researching inner city policy and community development. Paul moved into local government management in 1985, working for the Greater London Council and Inner London Education Authority, and later with the London Borough of Islington.

In 2001 he was appointed as a special adviser to the Secretary of State for Health, Alan Milburn and continued as an adviser under his successor John Reid. At the end of 2005 he became the senior health policy adviser to the Prime Minister Tony Blair. Between June 2007 and March 2009 he was the director of strategy and commissioning at the London Strategic Health Authority.

For decades, policymakers have had two key priorities in health: shifting away from a disease treatment model to a health creation model and moving care from acute hospitals into the community. But this vision has not been underpinned by an effective strategy. Reform will help shape the conversation on how we make the shift necessary to make our health system sustainable into the future.