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We believe that the quality and excellence of our research is core to our reputation. We are a charity who is dedicated to achieving better and smarter public services. Our mission is to set out ideas that will improve public services for all and deliver value for money.

With the erosion of public trust in traditional sources of information we pride ourselves on producing robust, insightful and independent reports. We engage with and communicate our thinking and research with opinion-formers and decision-makers from across the political spectrum. We purposefully seek to engage with people who have different views to those expressed in our reports during the research process to ensure that we break the echo-chamber in which many think tanks can find themselves in.

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18th January 2017

Faulty by design. The state of public-service commissioning

How public services are commissioned underpins their success in healthcare, criminal justice, employment services and beyond. In theory, designing contracts for services delivered by third-party providers stokes competition for service delivery, driving down prices and incentivising expert providers to deliver the best services to meet users’ needs.

25th October 2016

The State of the State 2016-17

The State of the State report provides a unique, independent analysis of the UK public sector through a business lens. Produced by Deloitte UK in collaboration with Reform, the insight is informed by interviews with public sector leaders, citizen research and an in-depth analysis of government data.

26th August 2016

The future of public services

Much has been made of the role digital tools can play in delivering more efficient, intelligent and citizen-centric public services. To date, however, public services have barely scratched the surface of technology’s potential. This series of reports, kindly supported by Accenture, looks at the transformative impact of technology on the future delivery of public services.

25th July 2016

Stepping up, breaking barriers. Transforming employment outcomes for disabled people.

This paper is the third in a series on reforming the sickness and disability-related out-of work benefits system. A priority for successive governments, reform to date has been inadequate and progress woeful, as the minimal shift in caseload numbers illustrates – in 2014-15 there were just over 2.5 million working age claimants of incapacity-related benefits, a decade earlier there were almost 2.8 million.