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The year in public services: 2020

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To say this has been a year like no other is to (under)state the obvious. 'The Year' assesses the implications of the last twelve months for public services.

Click the pdf link above to view a full timeline of the major public service, COVID-19 and political events of 2020.

The pandemic has tested the State to its extreme, and while it has demonstrated some of the best aspects of the public sector, it has also exposed some serious shortcomings. Many of these are very familiar, others less so.

'The Year' maps out the key milestones for public services throughout 2020. 

Looking back at the last 12 months, Reform has picked out three 'best' and 'worse' policy developments. 

The paper also identifies changes where 'the jury is out' as well as areas where COVID-19 has been a 'game changer' for accelerating reform.