Publication Health and Care 9 December, 2020

Towards a new model of prevention

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This briefing gives an overview of the discussion at the event ‘Towards a new model of prevention’.

Reform was delighted to host a policy roundtable entitled ‘Towards a new model of prevention’, with the generous support of Sanofi. The discussion was introduced by Professor Brian Ferguson, the Public Health Research Programme Director at the National Institute for Health Research, and Hugo Fry, Managing Director of Sanofi UK.

This policy briefing offers an overview of the discussion that took place, including recognising the value of prevention across the health sector, as well as ensuring the right funding and structures are in place to improve public health. The write-up also looks at how a data-driven approach to prevention could encourage more personalised care and tackle health inequalities.

This briefing has kindly been supported by Sanofi.