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The State of the State 2022-23: from the pandemic to a cost of living crisis

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Now in its 11th year, The State of the State 2022-23, in partnership with Deloitte, explores the key issues facing the UK government and public services. Based on an exclusive Ipsos public poll of almost 6,000 people, and interviews with public sector leaders, the report provides a snapshot of how those using public services, and those delivering them, are feeling.

This year’s report finds the public sector undeniably challenged. In the wake of Covid, public services remain under immense pressure, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought stark geopolitical and domestic challenges, including energy and cost-of-living crises. Both family budgets and the public finances are under huge strain. Both the public, and public sector leaders are deeply concerned.

However, while these challenges are serious, there is also some cause for optimism. The interviews found leaders more passionate and animated than ever this year, with an impatience for reform as they look beyond these difficult times - they want to see big, bold choices and new thinking on how government operates, including its scope.