Publication Devolution Machinery of government 13 November, 2020

Resilience in local government: Lessons from COVID-19

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As part of our Resilient State programme, this report showcases five case studies of resilience in local government, with important lessons for both councils and for central government.

The current pandemic has been the greatest challenge local government has faced in a generation, but examples have emerged of councils’ remarkable adaptability and preparedness in the most difficult circumstances.

Contributors include:

  • Richard Holmes, Executive Director, Gloucester Community Building Collective
  • Jason Tutin, Digital & Learning Development Manager, Leeds City Council
  • Charlie Bruin, Chief Executive Officer, Liberata UK
  • Jenny Nelson, Programme Manager, Digital Newcastle, Newcastle City Council
  • Peter Pawson, Principal Consultant, Unity Partnership & Oldham Council
  • Aidan Shilson-Thomas, Senior Researcher, Reform

This report has kindly been supported by Liberata.