Publication Health and Care 6 December, 2021

Putting patients first: how Integrated Care Systems can drive better outcomes

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This event write-up brings together ideas generated at a Reform and Social Enterprise policy roundtable. It is a high-level summary of the key themes raised none-of-which are attributable to either speaker or any attendee.

Reform was delighted to host a policy roundtable in late November 2021 entitled ‘Putting patients first: how integrated care systems can drive better outcomes’ with the generous support of Social Enterprise UK.

The discussion was introduced by Mark Cubbon, the interim Chief Operating Officer of NHS England, and Professor Jo Pritchard OBE, Director of Health and Social Care at Social Enterprise UK.

The write-up covers the following key areas: 

  • The importance of integration 
  • Putting patients first 
  • Towards subsidarity 
  • A place-based approach 
  • Opportunities for innovation 
  • Relationship-led change
  • A vision for the future of care