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Programme for Government

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Reform has created a Programme for Government which provides recommendations for the new government on key policy areas.

“After three and a half years of parliamentary gridlock, the 2019 general election has returned a Conservative government with a clear majority. The Prime Minister must use his political capital wisely.

"Britain faces urgent challenges, from inadequate infrastructure to stagnating social mobility, housing and social care crises, to a NHS buckling under poorly managed demand. Injections of cash, while necessary, will be not be sufficient. Extra spending must be matched with genuine and deep reform. It is time for an ambitious programme of public service transformation.

"Mr Prime Minister, here are our recommendations for your programme for government.”

Charlotte Pickles, Director

Our Programme includes:

  • A prison system that protects the public
  • Education that works for everyone
  • A healthcare system fit for the future
  • Housing for low-income families
  • Delivering digital public services
  • Reforming public procurement