Publication Devolution Digital Health and Care Machinery of government Public finances 11 July, 2024

Five priorities for a new government

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Britain’s new Government has been formed in an era of crisis. At home, public services are crumbling, the economy is stagnating and our communities are fractured. Trust in our institutions is at rock bottom, and there is deep disillusionment with politics. Abroad, tensions are rising as geopolitical instability grows. Demographic and technological change are exacerbating both.

Yet the new Government, with its historic majority, has an opportunity to rebuild faith in the ability of the State to improve people’s lives. It will only achieve this, however, if it is willing to radically reimagine outdated public service models, to stop hoarding power at the centre and instead devolve by default, to overhaul a too rigid, homogenous and bureaucratic Whitehall machine, and to think in decades not 24-hour news cycles.

This publication sets out five top priorities for the new Government:

  1. Establish a next-generation devolution programme
  2. Decentralise health budgets and abolish NHS England
  3. Establish the machinery for mission-led government
  4. Radically reboot the Whitehall talent, recruitment and HR system
  5. Link spending to outcomes, not programmes