Publication Digital Machinery of government 21 November, 2022

A modern machine: smarter, faster, mission-driven

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This event write-up brings together ideas generated at a Reform policy roundtable, led by Gina Gill, Chief Digital and Information Officer at the Ministry of Justice.

Reform was delighted to host a policy roundtable in October 2022 entitled, ‘A modern machine: smarter, faster, mission-driven’, in partnership with BT.

The discussion was introduced by Gina Gill, Chief Digital and Information Officer at the Ministry of Justice and Simon Godfrey, Director of Government Relations & Social Value Leader at BT. This event write-up is a high-level summary of the key themes raised none-of-which are attributable to either speaker or any attendee.

The write-up covers the following key areas:

  • Uniting around a single, long-term vision
  • A blank slate
  • Digital streamlining
  • Communicating a digital future
  • Policy as code