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Reform Press Coverage: The Future of Smarter Working Across the Civil Service

On 12 April 2019, Reform hosted John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service, to speak on the TW3.0 programme for smarter working across the organisation.

This event received coverage from Public Finance.

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Reform think tank media statement on new NHS IAPT data

New NHS data shows a 14% increase in patients waiting over three months after being referred to IAPT, the Service’s programme for treating adult anxiety disorders, compared to last year. Reform Research Manager, Claudia Martinez, said:

“This increase isn’t good and takes the shine off NHS efforts to improve access to this service. Better uptake of new technologies would help bridge the gap between being referred to IAPT and a first assessment, as well as helping patients self-manage their condition.”

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Reform Media Statement on the Children's Commissioner's Report on Mental Health Services

Claudia Martinez, Reform Research Manager, said:

“Mental health services for children will improve when schools, social services and the NHS work together and utilise new technologies which direct patients to the right treatments, at the right time.”

City AM

City AM, 9 March 2019

Rose Lasko-Skinner, Researcher at Reform, wrote an op-ed for City AM on public sector procurement and Reform's recent report, 'Please procure responsibly'.

"Government needs to do much better when it comes to “make or buy” decisions – that is, deciding whether a service is more suited to being provided directly by government, or an external provider."

Read the full piece here.


Reform media statement on the anniversary of the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA)

Dr Luke Heselwood said: “The HRA is a step in the right direction but Government policies, such as the Local Housing Allowance freeze, are at cross purposes with MHCLG’s efforts. Eliminating homelessness will require all departments to play a role.”



Reform think tank statement on Birmingham Prison permanently returning to public ownership

Reform think tank statement on Birmingham Prison permanently returning to public ownership  

Dr Joshua Pritchard said: “With the Ministry of Justice continuing to work with the private sector to deliver prison services, it is crucial that in the future a greater emphasis is placed on quality by improving the commercial skills of civil servants and focusing more on social value, as with HMP Berwyn”   

This statement was covered in City AM

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Reform press coverage: 'Please procure responsibly: The state of public service'

On 28 March 2019, Reform published 'Please procure responsibly: The state of public service commissioning'. The report was covered in a range of publications including: City AM, The MJ, Civil Service World, Public FinanceFacilities Management Journal, Local Gov, A Local Gov feature piece, 24housing, Public Technology, UKAuthorityFE News, Facilities Management Journal (for the second time), Government Business, Diginomica, Supply Management and Simpact

The report was featured in the House of Commons Fourth Annual Report of the Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts and Local government: alternative models of service delivery briefing paper.

A review of the report was published in the Social Science Research Network.

The report was also featured in a report, was mentioned by DeNove, was referenced by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, GOlab, Bevan BritainNottinghamshire Police & Crime CommissionerGovernment OpportunitiesRoom151 and Public Spend Forum

National Health Executive

National Health Executive, 27 March 2019

Claudia Martinez, Research Manager at Reform, wrote an article in the April/May 2019 edition of National Health Executive. In it she writes about how to maximise the value of the NHS estate. 

"Unlocking the potential of the NHS estate will still be contingent on trusts, GP practices, and the acute sector identifying opportunities for delivering better quality, utilisation, and efficiency."

Read the full article here

Moonshot for Life

Moonshot for Life, 25 March 2019

Eleonora Harwich, Director of Research and Head of Digital and Tech Innovation, was interviewed by Moonshot for Life about healthcare data and Reform's recent report, Making NHS Data work for everyone

"In order to make the most of healthcare technologies, you need to have that uncomfortable conversation around data exchange"

Read the full interview here


Reform response to the RCR annual workforce survey

Commenting on the Royal College of Radiologists report published today, Claudia Martinez, Reform Research Manager, said:

“As well as boosting the number of oncologists, the NHS can up its efforts to stop people getting cancer in the first place. Better collection and use of data will help pinpoint those most at risk of the disease for treatment.” 

The think tank has previously found that NHS leaders should collect much more data on cancer patients including survival, treatment, patient experience and medical history.

Reform has previously called for Public Health England’s cancer dashboard to be extended to include new categories of data, such as treatment, medical history and quality of life.

With better analysis, Reform predicts improvements in the prevention of cancer, earlier diagnosis and effectiveness of treatment.

For example, almost 40 per cent of all cancer cases in England are caused by preventable factors such as obesity and smoking. GPs can use insight from the cancer dashboard on lifestyle and genetics to help those at risk make healthier lifestyle choices.

Proceed with caution: what makes personal budgets work?

Press coverage: Reform report on personal budgets

On 28 February 2019, Reform published a report, Proceed with caution: what makes personal budgets work?

The report has received coverage in FE News and Mental Health Today


Reform announces appointment of Charlotte Pickles as new Director

Reform is pleased to announce that Charlotte Pickles has been appointed to succeed Andrew Haldenby as its Director with effect from 23 April 2019. Charlie is currently Managing Editor of the comment and current affairs site She is a former Deputy Director of Reform and was previously an adviser in government. Andrew is leaving at his own request to pursue a number of opportunities in public policy and beyond.

HE at Research Professional

HE at Research Professional, 21 February 2019

Luke Heselwood, Senior Researcher at Reform, wrote an article for HE at Research Professional about how the UK could learn from Michelle Obama's Better Make Room campaign to improve access to university for disadvantaged students. 

Read the full article here


Reform think tank reaction to the British Medical Association report finding “half of GP practices are not fit for purpose”

Commenting on the BMA report, Andrew Haldenby, Director of the independent public services think tank, Reform, said:

“Improving GP surgeries needn’t be too expensive for the taxpayer. Many GPs can make better use of their space, and others can borrow capital funds from the private sector.”

Research by Reform has found that the NHS should identify industry partners/private funding, as well as government borrowing and land sales, to build modern GP surgeries at value for money to the taxpayer.

The think tank has also called for a greater use of technology so that fewer patients need face-to-face consultations, enabling GPs to spend more time with the most serious patients.


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Notes to editors

  1. Reform is an independent, non-party, charitable think tank whose mission is to set out ideas that will improve public services for all and deliver value for money.
  2. In 2018 Reform published ‘A design diagnosis: Reinvigorating the primary care estate’.
  3. The report can be found here: 


Reform response to David Gauke MP's speech on prison sentencing reform

Welcoming the Lord Chancellor’s speech today, Andrew Haldenby, Director of the independent public services think tank Reform, said:

“The barrier to the greater use of community sentences is, as much as anything, problems in the probation service.  For this reason, the review of probation that he promised today is of great importance.”