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Express, 21 January 2023

The Express covers Reform analysis on the crisis facing the NHS, which sees more than 50,000 excess deaths in the UK, compared with the five-year average, and deterioration across most indicators of performance despite record-high levels of health spending.

Civil Service World, 20 January 2023

Civil Service World covers Reform's event, 'Whitehall wisdom: rewiring the government machine', with Philip Rycroft CB and Jonathan Slater. The article references comments made by the former permanent secretaries on the need to hold civil servants more closely to account for the advice they provide to ministers, and how we could soon reach a tipping point for significant civil service reform.

Yorkshire Post, 12 January 2023

Director of Policy, Simon Kaye, writes for the Yorkshire Post on why Labour should give tax policy higher priority in their plans for devolution.

Conservative Home, 16 December 2022

Following the launch of our report 'Boosted by the vaccine: lessons from COVID-19 for the future of the life sciences', Senior Researcher James Sweetland writes for Conservative Home on how the life sciences industry can stimulate growth and benefit patients too.

MJ, 3 November 2022

Our Director, Charlotte Pickles and Ed Roddis, Director of Public Sector Research at Deloitte, write for the Municipal Journal on what the report's findings mean for local government, and how it should respond to the public's top priorities.

Civil Service World, 3 November 2022

Our Director, Charlotte Pickles, and Ed Roddis, Director of Public Sector Research at Deloitte, write for Civil Service World on why stretched public finances present government with an opportunity to consider what it is best placed to deliver. CSW also covered the report launch in an article describing the view amongst top public service officials that Whitehall should be "substantially smaller" — and that this should pave the way for a rethink of how public services can maximise their impact.

Research Professional News, 17 October 2022

Our Director of Policy, Simon Kaye, writes for Research Professional News on the importance of policymakers engaging with academic experts, and how the new Reform Scholars programme will help make this a reality. Read in full here.

MJ, 4 October 2022

Our Director of Policy, Simon Kaye, writes for the Municipal Journal on what the future of levelling could look like, if power were further devolved to places like East Birmingham and North Solihull. Read his article here.

Civil Service World, 23 September 2022

Reform researcher, Patrick King, writes for Civil Service World on why achieving transformative change in the health system means having the courage to start by asking the right questions. Read the article in full, here.

Times Radio, 22 September 2022

Senior Researcher, Sebastian Rees, spoke to Times Radio's John Pienaar about the need for an urgent rethink in our approach to health and care.

The Times, 22 September 2022

The Times also covered the launch of 'Reimagining Health' in their news article, 'Doctors criticise NHS rescue plan' (£), referencing the cross-party, open letter organised by Reform.

Times Red Box, 22 September 2022

Our Director, Charlotte Pickles, writes for The Times' Red Box on why the NHS "cannot be the default fixer of all ills" and saving the Health Service means "reimagining" the current model.

Politico, 22 September 2022

Politico covered the launch of Reform's 'Reimagining Health' programme in London Influence. Read their summary here.

The Times, 22 September 2022

In support of Reform's new 'Reimagining Health' programme, ten former health and care ministers - from across the three main political parties - wrote an open letter to The Times, calling for an "urgent rethink" and an "honest conversation about how we improve the health of the nation". The full letter is available to read on our website, here.

Municipal Journal, 22 September 2022

Reform's Senior Researcher, Sebastian Rees, writes for the Municipal Journal on why the shift to a system which prioritises health creation will require radical devolution.