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Science and Technology Select Committee: ‘Algorithms in decision-making’

Reform‘s report, Thinking on its own: AI in the NHS, was reference several times in the publication of the House of Commons’ Science and Technology Select Committee report Algorithm in decision-making.

Read the full report here.

BBC Radio 5 Live, 7 May 2018

Tom Richmond, Senior Research Fellow at Reform, appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss the issue of teacher retention. On it, he spoke about getting more people into teaching and keeping them there.

TES, 4 May 2018

TES wrote an article covering the recent development that dozens of universities will be launching MBA apprenticeships programmes in the coming months, which will be paid for by the apprenticeship levy. In the article, they quote Tom Richmond, Senior Research Fellow at Reform:

Former government adviser Tom Richmond, now senior research fellow at the Reform think tank, said: “MBA apprenticeships do not meet any historical or international definition of an apprenticeship because they are a form of professional development, not occupational training”.

Read the full article here.

The Globe Post, 2 May 2018

Daniel El-Gamry, Researcher at Reform, wrote an article for The Globe Post about what we can learn from the “austerity mindset” when it comes to reforming public services.

“Policy-makers have an opportunity to reinvent public service delivery because of the pressures of mounting debt and long-term rising demand. In doing so, they have the chance to sustainably transform outcomes for all”.

Read the full article here.

British Journal of Healthcare Computing, 16 April 2018

The British Journal of Healthcare Computing wrote an article covering themes that emerged from the HIMSS UK Executive Leadership Summit which assessed the potential of the NHS to deploy AI technologies considering the current state of its infrastructure. Eleonora Harwich, Head of Digital and Technological Innovation spoke on the panel.

Panelists argued that the NHS would have to secure public trust and buy-in, with Eleonora Harwich, Reform’s Head of Digital and Tech Innovation, explaining that this is an ‘essential’ element that will support sensible AI adoption.

 Read the full article here.

Talk Radio, 15 April 2018

Tom Richmond, Senior Research Fellow at Reform, appeared on Talk Radio to discuss the findings of Reform‘s latest report, The great training robbery: assessing the first year of the apprenticeship levy.

He highlighted a concerning trend that some companies are able to re-badge courses as ‘apprenticeships’, which are low-skilled and low-quality, getting access to government subsidies. The government definition is too broad and a stronger, internationally bench-marked definition needs to be put in place. Government money should be spent on high-quality training

BBC One’s ‘The Big Questions’, 15 April 2018

Alexander Hitchcock, Research Manager at Reform, appeared on BBC One’s The Big Questions this week, which was devoted to one big question: ‘Is the NHS still fit for purpose?’

He stressed that the needs of the population have changed from when the NHS was first created, with the focus now being on caring for those with long-term illnesses. Shifting more money upfront from hospitals and into the community would help to do this. In addition, he also raised an important point about the sustainability of the NHS, where spend has been increasing in real terms over the past few years.