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BBC Radio 4 Today programme, 21 June 2018

Tom Richmond, Senior Research Fellow at Reform, appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to discuss the findings of Reform‘s latest report, A degree of uncertainty: an investigation into grade inflation in universities.

He argued that grade inflation has reached “extraordinary levels”. In the 1990s, the proportion of students receiving Firsts was 7 per cent. This has quadrupled to 26 per cent of students in 2017. It appears the reason for this is universities themselves with academics saying there is pressure to revise marks to a higher grade. Students will lose out most as employers are starting to give up on degree grades, finding them meaningless.

You can listen to the full episode here (Tom appears at 50.40).

FE Week, 15 June 2018

In a recent article in FE Week, the Association of Employment and Learning Providers defend level 2 apprenticeships. Tom Richmond, Senior Research Fellow at Reform, responds to this in the article and is disappointed they aren’t acknowledging that many of these apprenticeships fall short of international standards.

“Reform strongly supports more apprenticeships in the service sector, but “too many level two programmes fall well short of international standards and simply would not be recognised as apprenticeships in other countries because they offer so little training”.”

Read the full article here.

‘All change: where next for apprenticeships?’, 4 June 2018

Tom Richmond, Senior Research Fellow at Reform, wrote an essay in the Learning and Work Institute’s collection, ‘All work: Where next for apprenticeships reform?’. He wrote about the quality of apprenticeships in an essay titled ‘Quality first, access second?’.

You can find the collection of essays here.

ZD Net, 1 June 2018

In an article published by ZD Net on blockchain, Eleonora Harwich, Director of Research and Head of Digital and Tech Innovation, is cited and quoted.

“In its theoretical core, blockchain does have the intention to bring down power structures for sure. But I don’t think that’s the kind of applications we are talking about in the public sector,” says Harwich.

Read the full article here.

Public Technology, 30 May 2018

Rose Lakso-Skinner, Research Assistant at Reform, wrote an article in Public Technology. This op-ed argues that while GDPR is right to increase transparency and citizen control over data, we should not overlook the values and benefits of sharing data.

Read the full article (£) here.

Medium, 28 May 2018

Medium published an article about women in AI which focused on leading women in the space. Reform‘s Head of Digital and Technological Innovation, Eleonora Harwich, was mentioned in the article:

There are many, many more examples and Eleonora Harwich, Head of Digital and Technological Innovation, Reform, looks at examples of innovative use in the Public Sector such as predictive policing and the Serious Fraud Office use to detect large scale bribery in Rolls Royce.

Police Professional, 16 May 2018

Reformer blog written by Sarah Timmis, Researcher at Reform, was published in Police Professional.