Simon Kaye

Policy Director

In April 2022 I joined Reform as Director of Policy, leading the Reimagining Whitehall programme for its first year and a half. In 2023 I launched the Reform Scholars programme, and in 2024 I developed and led the new Reimagining the Local State programme.

Having gained a PhD in Political Theory in 2015, I worked for a while in academia. In 2018 I made the leap to think tanks, exploring the practical side of my research interests in democratic systems, government reform, political economy, localism, and the way that knowledge affects policy. I have written major reports on community power, self-governance, and reform strategies for both local and central government.

At Reform I have authored work on the pathologies of the Whitehall system, the future of levelling up, policy ideas for transforming 'left behind' neighbourhoods, and why central government should seek to 'devolve by default'.

My favourite Reformer is…

Eleanor Rathbone – feminist MP, social campaigner, opponent of the Boer War and of appeasement, public administration expert, inventor of the family allowance, and one of the architects of women’s suffrage!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My kids, usually...