Patrick King


I was born in Germany, to parents teaching in the armed forces, and spent my childhood going to Christmas markets in Düsseldorf and Osnabrück. I then moved to Somerset and eventually London, where I completed my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at UCL. Before starting at Reform, I was a Public Affairs intern at Whitehouse Communications, where I contributed to campaigns on healthcare, energy and the environment. I am especially interested in the machinery of Government and taxation, having written my undergraduate dissertation on the history of a wealth tax in the UK. Outside of work, I like to explore the food hotspots of Dalston and to avoid checking the Watford FC result on Saturdays.


My favourite Reformer is… 

Robert Peel, for repealing the Corn Laws and helping the rural poor of England.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My Spotify Discover Weekly playlist.