Josh Pritchard

Senior Researcher

I joined Reform in October 2018 as a Researcher, with a strong interest in education, healthcare, and the role of the individual in society. Unsurprisingly, my first research projects focus on choice and competition in the public service sector, and particularly outcomes-based commissioning as a means of delivering better value for money for the state and citizens.

My fascination with these topics stems from a PhD I recently completed at the University of Cambridge, during which I examined how political identities and race shaped citizenship and nationhood in southern Africa during the mid-twentieth century and the lasting legacies of these individuals and events in the modern world. Having also researched and written on topics ranging from Joseph Conrad’s place in contemporary society, to anonymity’s place in community construction on the internet, and the challenges of conducting research in Africa, I was keen to engage with the multitude of debates around public policy in the UK and contribute to the work which Reform is doing to provide evidence-based research to inform these discussions.

Prior to my PhD I completed an MA in African history at SOAS and a BA(Hons) in Modern History at Aberystwyth University, as well as periods spent working for the African Studies Association UK and South African advocacy groups.

To my neighbours’ annoyance, I like to frequently play guitar and sing (off-key) at all times of the day, and spend sunny days sailing and golfing. One of my aims is to spend time living or travelling in every country on the African continent and I’m currently at 26 – my favourites by far have been Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Libya for their people, cultures, and natural beauty.

My favourite Reformer is… Robert Owen for his willingness to advocate for change far beyond his contemporaries

Most likely to say? “My golf ball just went so far left even Marx would have denounced it.”

Areas of interest

  • Public service procurement and delivery
  • Health care and mental health
  • Social care
  • Artificial Intelligence and technology


Twitter: @jb_pritchard