4 June, 2024
9:30 am - 10:30 am

James Kanagasooriam, Chief Research Officer, Focaldata

What do the May elections mean?

This year’s May local elections include the London Mayor and members of the London Assembly, the regional metro mayors, 107 local councils and police and crime commissioners.

They will inevitably be seen as a litmus test for impending General Election, expected just months later. They are also just the second set of elections to be held under the new voter ID law.

We are delighted to be hosting pollster and Chief Research Officer for Focaldata, James Kanagasooriam, to take us through what the local elections tell us. Can we see the results as a test run for the General? What was behind people’s voting behaviour and how did this this break down among voters? What do the locals not tell us, and what should we look out for over the coming months?

This private partners-only roundtable will be held in-person and will take place under the Chatham House rule.