2 February, 2017
8:15 am - 9:30 am

Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, Chair of the NHS Confederation

Transforming inpatient rehabilitation

Reform convened a private roundtable on 'Transforming inpatient rehabilitation' led by Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, Chair of the NHS Confederation and recent Chair of the Birmingham and Solihull STP Board.

The delayed transfer of care of patients out of acute hospitals is one of the greatest challenges facing the NHS. 1.15 million bed days were lost to delayed transfers in 2015. The problem is complex. A significant barrier to discharge is that whilst patients may be cleared medically, their physiotherapy needs prevent them going home. New inpatient rehabilitation hospitals are being opened to cater for these patients. The opportunity is to improve care and deliver greater value for money, since a rehabilitation bed is less than two-thirds the price of an acute bed and because intensive therapy leads to shorter inpatient stays.

This roundtable was held under the Chatham House Rule.

It was held in partnership with Circle Health.