25 November, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Professor Brian Ferguson, Public Health Research Programme Director, National Institute for Health Research

Towards a new model of prevention

Covid-19 has firmly placed health and the prevention of disease at the top of the Government’s agenda. In the context of the pandemic, introducing preventative measures to reduce the spread of the disease have been vital, as well as encouraging the population to lead healthier lifestyles to reduce the risk of infection. The Prevention Green Paper published in 2019 highlighted the crucial role that individuals play as “co-creators of their own health” and calls for the introduction of a “smarter” model of prevention that delivers preventative, proactive and personalised care. Now more than ever, the NHS must tackle pressing public health challenges with a focus on prevention. This will not only lay the foundations for a healthier population in the long term, but also will help ease the burden facing NHS services in the short term.

Reform was delighted to hold this online roundtable, which discussed what steps should be taken to deliver effective and preventative healthcare.

The event was held under Chatham House Rule, and was kindly supported by Sanofi.