20 November, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

A shock to the system: welfare after coronavirus

Measures taken to tackle the pandemic led to an economic crisis to match that in health. The jobs shock has in part been cushioned by the rapidly invented furlough scheme – though even with nine million jobs protected by the state since lockdown, the number on unemployment benefits more than doubled. Many of those losing their jobs will be shocked to find just how bare bones the welfare state is. For those earning even the median salary, benefit rates appear woefully inadequate, providing no buffer to allow for an adjustment of outgoings or time to find a comparable job. This is in comparison to the welfare system of countries such as Germany, who were able adapt their social security systems during the pandemic, offering greater resilience in the face of the crisis.

This webinar, with Rt Hon David Gauke and Rt Hon Lord Blunkett, former Secretaries of State for Work and Pensions, will explore lessons learnt from the crisis and ask whether now is the moment to rethink our model of welfare.

This event forms part of our Resilient State programme, a series of events and research outputs that will consider how government can better prepare the state to withstand shocks and crises.