5 July, 2018
7:30 am - 9:30 am

Sir Michael Barber

Public sector productivity: driving value for taxpayers’ money

Last November, HM Treasury published the Barber Public Value Review into how central government can ensure it is delivering maximum value for every pound spent on hospitals, schools and other essential services. The review set out a new, practical approach to the understanding of public sector productivity and how it can be addressed in government. It aims to ensure that ongoing improvements in the delivery of public services become firmly embedded in daily working practice. The central framework recommended by the report is expected to be piloted with government departments this year.

We were joined by Sir Michael Barber who discussed the key findings from the report and the implications for the public sector. This event brought together around 70 attendees of the most senior-level representatives from across government and public services. This event was held in partnership with Deloitte, as part of the Deloitte / Reform ‘The State of the State’ series.