4 December, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Planning for the worst: a government's guide to wargaming

There is a difference between managing a crisis and planning for one. While many aspects of this pandemic have been truly unprecedented, requiring the Government to design and implement policy at speed in the face of immediate pressures, the fact that many developments were unforeseen will have made it more difficult to respond effectively. Wargaming – considering how different crises would play out for government and citizens – can improve our understanding of the risks we face and can lay the foundations for effective responses.

This webinar considered how government plans for the worst: how it wargames for crises, whether it does this effectively, and what lessons can be learnt to help it to mitigate against future crises. This event formed part of our Resilient State programme, a series of work that considers how government can better prepare the state to withstand shocks and crises.

Panellists included:

  • Bruce Mann CB, Former Director of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the Cabinet Office
  • James Wild MP, Member, Public Accounts Committee
  • Dr Sara Ulrich, Global Business Wargaming Lead, PA Consulting
  • Aidan Shilson-Thomas, Senior Researcher, Reform