14 February, 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Lord Prior of Brampton, Chairman, NHS England

A long-term NHS plan for stability and reform

Reform was delighted to host a panel event on the theme of ‘A long term NHS plan for stability and reform’. Apart from Brexit, health and social care stands out as the area where the Government is most actively pushing for new solutions. In March, the Prime Minister said that the Government should begin work on a “multi-year” funding settlement for the NHS. The work goes alongside the development of a new strategy for social care funding at the new Department of Health and Social Care.

Additional funding represents a tremendous opportunity for the NHS if it is used wisely. As the Prime Minister emphasised in March, additional funds must go together with “efficiency” and “effectiveness”, meaning the spread of best practice across the NHS. The experience of the spending increases under the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown showed that reform ideas, such as the targeted introduction of competition, were needed to change both NHS capacity and performance.

This event will brought together 80 delegates to explore how the aims of a better funded NHS and a more innovative NHS can be achieved.


  • Lord Prior of Brampton, Chairman, NHS England
  • Dr Sue O’Connell, Lead, Primary and Community Estate Project, Department of Health and Social Care
  • Luella Trickett, Senior Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager, Baxter Healthcare

The event was kindly supported by: