11 July, 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 am

James Clough, Chief Technology Officer, Robin AI

Legal services 2050: the role of AI in a world-leading legal sector

Artificial intelligence is already transforming how legal services are delivered, enhancing the work of solicitors and achieving efficiencies across a range of tasks. With the majority of large firms now using AI, the potential for further innovation and uptake of new, AI-powered legal tools is vast. In this context, ensuring AI is deployed in a way that maximises the potential benefits for consumers while properly accounting for risk, is paramount.  

The AI white paper made clear that leveraging the world-class expertise of our regulators – to create a “pro-innovation environment” that protects consumers – is key to this. Meanwhile, firms must be actively supported to gain the skills and confidence needed to understand AI and embed it within their workflows. 

Achieving these aims by 2050 should not be a pipedream, but an ambition that drives practical action across the legal sector. Accelerating the digitisation of legal information, improving data security and the ease of data sharing, and helping smaller firms identify possible use cases for AI, are all part of the picture. So too is equipping solicitors with the digital and data skills needed to take full advantage of AI. 

Reform is delighted to welcome James Clough, Chief Technology Officer, Robin AI, to discuss the role that AI can play in a thriving legal sector and the practical vision for getting there.

This is a private roundtable which will be held under the Chatham House rule and is kindly supported by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.