24 September, 2018
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Darren Jones MP, Member of the Science and Technology Select Committee

Labour Party conference: ‘Making NHS data work for everyone’

NHS data is a valuable resource, in terms of health outcomes and finance, that needs governance and strategy. Part of this will include pinning down what the ‘value’ of NHS data is. One way, for example, is trying to determine the financial value of individual pieces of data.

NHS trusts are collaborating with various tech companies to create new products and improve direct patient care using NHS data. DeepMind has partnered with six different NHS trusts independently. However, when there is a data sharing agreement between NHS trusts and the private sector, there is no clear framework to follow. Nor is there any clear valuation of the data the NHS might bring to the partnership. Yet there is a spectrum of different models, such as the ‘golden shares’ model recommended by the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, that could become protocol.

How can the value of NHS data be defined (e.g. economic and financial value, public health value of data, etc)? How best can policymakers and healthcare practitioners ensure this transfer is done in a way that maximises the public health value and protects the interests of patients? What form should a fair deal take (profit-sharing, golden shares, sharing of IP or other)?

This event, with Darren Jones MP, Member of the Science and Technology Select Committee and Annemarie Naylor, Director of Policy at Future Care Capital brought together senior Parliamentarians, senior business leaders and other experts. It was held under Chatham House Rule.

This event took place at the Labour Party conferences in Liverpool.