3 May, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Martin Hewitt QPM, Chair, National Police Chiefs' Council

Future-proofing policing in the digital age

Criminals are becoming more sophisticated with their use of technology, with many operating across local and national borders. Many ‘traditional’ crimes are now at least partially cyber-enabled. This has changed the nature of policing, creating both new challenges and new opportunities. For forces, collecting and analysing digital evidence is becoming ever more demanding; yet at the same time, data science offers increasingly valuable insights. From digital forensics to smart mobility, big data to AI, technology offers opportunities to improve outcomes, efficiency and citizen engagement and satisfaction.

Ensuring that officers and staff have the right technology to meet these challenges – both on the frontline and in the back office – and where possible to get ahead of the criminals, is key to successfully fighting crime and protecting citizens in the 21st  century. This discussion will explore how we can ensure policing is equipped to tackle the challenges of the next decade and beyond.

Reform was delighted to host this roundtable, led by Martin Hewitt QPM, to discuss how policing can be 'future-proofed' through the smart and effective use of technology.

This roundtable was held under the Chatham House Rule and was kindly sponsored by BT.