21 November, 2023
8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Alex Chisholm, Megan Lee Devlin, Daljit Rehal, Ed Stainton, Ming Tang, Ben Goldacre, and more TBA

Future government: data-driven, citizen-centric conference

Delivering public services that can meet the needs of citizens is an ever more challenging task. Post-pandemic, pressures across the entire system are intense, with lengthy backlogs which will take years to recover. At the same time, demand is increasing and public expectations of what the State can do are high – in part raised by their experience of on demand and personalised services in other areas of their lives. 

Meeting this demand, within sound public finances, requires government to embark on an ambitious reimagining of how those services are designed and delivered – and at the heart of this must be a more innovative, data-driven approach. Truly harnessing the power of data can help drive efficient, joined-up, citizen-centric government. Connecting data from across disparate services can enable personalisation and early intervention, avoid duplication and free up valuable frontline resources, and help identify and spread best practice.  

Reform is delighted to be hosting this half-day conference to explore how achieving this data revolution means moving beyond outdated legacy digital infrastructure and embracing new technologies and approaches that drive high performance, resolving blockages in data sharing, and equipping the workforce with the tools to access and action the resulting insights.

Keynote address:

  • Alex Chisholm, Chief operating Officer and Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office


Panel 1: Data-powered government

This panel will draw together experts to discuss how government uses data, and what needs to be done to realise its full potential. 

  • Megan Lee Devlin, Chief Executive, Central Digital and Data Office
  • Daljit Rehal, Chief Digital and Information Officer, HMRC
  • Ed Stainton, Director, BT Government


Panel 2: Personalised, preventative and high-performing: the future of health

This panel will explore the full potential of data to transform healthcare, and the steps needed to realise those benefits. 

  • Ming Tang, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, NHS England
  • Ben Goldacre, Director, Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science
  • More panellists to be announced

This conference is kindly being hosted by BT.