11 September, 2023
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Rt Hon Chris Philp MP, Minister, Crime, Policing & Fire, HO

Future-focused policing: working smarter for public safety

Policing is at a crossroads. Relentless post-pandemic pressures across the criminal justice system, coupled with the increasingly complex nature of modern crime, have made it ever more challenging to meet the needs of the public. But the long-term answer to this cannot simply be more resources – especially as the Government has already committed to 20,000 additional police officers. A future-focused model of policing in England and Wales must involve working smarter by leveraging digital tools and new technologies that can revolutionise how policing operates and make the public safer.

Policing – in partnership with government – has already begun to take on this essential digital challenge. The ‘National Policing Digital Strategy’ is clear: “Policing does not operate in a vacuum and cannot stand still in the increasingly digital world we work and live in. The challenges and opportunities that digital disruption present to policing are rapidly becoming defining issues for the service.”

From driving efficiencies to empowering the frontline, improving detection to enabling prevention, data and technology present huge opportunities in the fight against crime. Across the 43 police forces, exploiting technology and building digital capability will be key to creating a modern, fit for the future police service.

Reform are delighted to be joined by Rt Hon Chris Philp MP, Minister for Crime, Policing and Fire in the Home Office, will be joining us to discuss how police forces can make the most of data and technology to keep the public safe.