20 November, 2023
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Tom Pursglove MP, Dr Deirdre Phelan, Eleanor Hayward, and Fergus Craig

Everyone’s business: working to boost the nation’s health

England’s health service is under unprecedented pressure and attention is required to address the challenges of the short term. However, we must also carve out time to think long-term about the future of our entire health system. We must re-imagine our approach to meet the needs of the future – dealing with an ageing population, coping with the rise of multimorbidity, and properly addressing growing health challenges such as mental illness. Alongside building world-class health care we must develop a health creating approach across government and society more broadly.   

Businesses and industry can play an active role in building a healthy nation and relieving pressures in our healthcare system. As employers, businesses directly shape health outcomes by offering secure employment, building a healthy work environment, and providing health-related support and benefits to employees. Indirectly, businesses also have a key role to play as vital assets in their local communities, and as producers of goods and services, businesses can help shape wider health outcomes and tackle drivers of poor health. Ensuring businesses play a full role will be vital for developing the health system of the future.  

Reform was delighted to welcome Tom Pursglove MP, Minister, Disabled People, Health and Work, Department for Work and Pensions, Dr Deirdre Phelan, Chief Medical Officer, Rolls-Royce plc, Eleanor Hayward, Health Correspondent, The Times and Fergus Craig, Commercial Director of AXA Health for this panel to explore the potential of business in creating a healthier nation. This event is kindly sponsored by AXA Health.

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