Comment Reform statement 12 November, 2020

Reform responds to NHS monthly performance data

Plan needed to quell treatment logjam as 52 week waits jump 30,000 in a month, says think tank

Responding to the latest NHS Performance Indicators, Eleonora Harwich, Director of Research, Reform think tank, said:

“In just a month, almost 30,000 more people are now waiting 52 weeks for treatment. 3.2% of all patients referred by their doctor now face an anxious year waiting for care, in which time relatively benign conditions could become much more serious.

“These statistics do not account for the country entering a second lockdown and Government should be prepared for these numbers to potentially worsen.

“The Government needs a plan to tackle this. Local health teams need to lead the response by reorganising resources and creating specialist centres to deal with procedures in communities. This must involve repurposing Nightingale facilities and using private providers.”


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