Comment Reform statement 4 January, 2023

Reform responds to the health announcements in the Prime Minister's speech

“A vague pledge is not a plan”, warns think tank  

Responding to the speech Reform Senior Researcher, Sebastian Rees, said:  

 “The Prime Minister is right to prioritise cutting wait times, but a vague pledge is not a plan – and while his commitment to making better use of the independent sector is right, the NHS has proven reluctant to do so."

“The focus on tackling unwarranted variation is spot on. Constant calls for further funding ignores the fact that some NHS trusts have been far more successful at clearing backlogs and treating patients than others. Where you live should not dictate whether you have access to quality, timely care, and underperforming trusts should be held to account."

“However, nothing we heard today suggests the Government has a plan for overhauling a model of care designed for the twentieth century. Truly delivering on ‘the people’s priorities’ means ending the incessant cycle of crises, and that requires a radical reimagining of our NHS.”