Comment Reform statement 7 September, 2021

Reform responds to the Prime Minister’s health and social care announcement

Reform think tank Director, Charlotte Pickles, said:

“Any steps taken to address the social care crisis should be welcomed, but today’s plan falls well short of a fair and sustainable settlement. In the first three years the funding boost to social care is just £5.4 billion, and it is unclear how much of the levy will go to social care after that.


“It is right that those with wealth should pay towards their care, but the means test is being applied inequitably. The Government is maintaining the unfair treatment of those requiring residential care, with property excluded from the means test for those receiving care in their own home. That means someone receiving care in their multi-million-pound home could get their care funded by the taxpayer, while someone with a modest home needing residential care has to pay their own way.


“In addition, it appears that ‘hotel costs’ – the care home ‘rent’ – are not covered in the cap, meaning some people will pay far more than £86,000 over their lifetime.

“In terms of the viability of the sector, it is unclear what the impact of allowing self-funders, who have acted as a de facto subsidy for the care sector, to receive cheaper quotes for care from their local authority will be. If this reduction in revenue is not addressed, it’s hard to see how higher worker wages or increases in quality can be achieved. Both of these require serious additional funding.”


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