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Reform is committed to organisational transparency and the independence of our thought leadership and research output.

Like any charity, we fundraise to support our work. We receive donations from individuals and foundations, and receive support and sponsorship from partners across the private, third and public sector.

As is standard for most charitable organisations, we do not publish the names of individual supporters. These are private individuals making philanthropic donations towards the general funds of the charity.

Companies who support our work through our Corporate Partnership Programme are transparently listed here.

Each year we publish a list of sponsors who have supported individual events or research. This includes companies, public sector institutions and not for profits. You can find a list of who supported us in the previous year, and the levels of their donations, via the pdf below. In addition, if an event or written output is sponsored, this is transparently declared on the relevant materials. We maintain high ethical standards and are proud of the work we do, enabled by the generous support of our partners.

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