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Reform Scholars

Reform Scholars is a new network for academics who are interested to explore the public policy implications of their research. We want to identify new thinking and findings from the cutting edge of academia and bring it to bear against the complex policy challenges of the coming years.

Reform Scholars are rising stars: early-to-mid career academics whose research fits within our overarching mission. Over the course of a year they produce, with our support, an impactful policy paper based on their current research, which is then published by Reform and disseminated to our extensive network of senior decision-makers. They are invited to participate in our high-profile roundtables and workshops, and to provide input and peer-review for our own ongoing research, including through membership of specific working groups.

To learn more about why we're launching this new programme, read this blog from Director of Policy, Simon Kaye.

Our founding partners are listed below, along with our inaugural cohort of Scholars.

The University of York's Faculty of Social Sciences on joining the Reform Scholars programme:

Reform’s new academic engagement programme is incredibly valuable to the university sector as we collectively seek to break down the barriers between researchers and research users, ensuring that research outputs are having policy impact. This programme represents an excellent opportunity for University of York researchers to interrogate the policy-readiness of their work, alongside their peers, and be supported in this process.


Reform Scholars 2023

Dr Paul Armstrong

University of Manchester

Dr Juan Pablo Bermúdez

Imperial College London

Dr Jon Burchell

University of Sheffield

Dr Bryan Cheang

King’s College London

Dr Richard Craven

University of Sheffield

Dr Kimberly Lazo Green

University of Manchester

Dr Caglar Koksal

University of Manchester

Dr Jessica Langston

University of Sheffield

Dr Alfred Moore

University of York

Dr Timothy Rawson

Imperial College London

Daniela Rodrigues

Imperial College London